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Buy Durban Poison Cannabis Online

durban poison

Durban Poison Cannabis. Durban Poison Cannabis. When you walk into a cannabis store or browse the offerings from seed companies, the overwhelming majority of strains are hybrids. These strains are either sativa- or indica-dominant, thus presumably they’ll carry a “sativa” or “indica” label. the very fact of the matter is that these strains result from multiple crosses. […]


blueberry strain

BLUEBERRY KUSH. Blueberry Kush may be a combination of 2 of the world’s favorite strains of marijuana – Blueberry associate degreed OG Kush. It’s a extremely potent Indica strain that brings on a full body sensation. Originating in Oregon, it is distinguished by its berries like flavor and style. Blueberry Kush is thought for its […]

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